Dattar Systems provides professional consulting for information technology projects.

We architect, engineer and deploy successful IT projects.  Our philosophy is to utilize proven technologies to achieve optimal total cost of ownership (TCO).

We provide development expertise for the IBM Websphere, Visualage / WSAD, UDB/DB2 Java environment and the Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic & ActiveX environments.

We also provide independent evaluations for IT organizations interested in adopting Linux in their server environments.

Our achievement with AppraisalTrac® technology, our MSP-based business process management application for mortgage banking, positions us to assist customers with the development of their web-based, e-commerce or ASP-type line of business applications.

At Dattar Systems, we concentrate on building stable, reliable systems using the latest technology.

Contact us at info@dattar.com to discuss how we can jump-start your e-business initiatives today.

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